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It is our desire to breed Morgan horses with temperaments and willing attitudes that are true to the reputation and foundation of the breed. We are particular about the bloodlines we use in our program; and our breeding stock must be outstanding, both physically and mentally. Most of our horses are from working western and sport lines and we have a couple of foundation Morgans also.  We specialize in the unique and rare colors of the breed including dun, grullo, silver dapple, palomino, buckskin.  

No compromise is made for color, all are still classic Morgans in type and temperament, and excellent representations of the breed.   We enjoy our Morgans on a mountain trail, in the arena performing, or carrying a child on their first ride!!!  The offspring from our horses are used riding and driving: proven on the trails, in the mountains, in the cow pen or on ranch, and in the performance arena taking home ribbons.  Offspring produced from our stallions have proven to be consistent with the athletic talent and versatility within those lines.

Please enjoy our site and feel free to contact us for more information and to arrange a visit to our Elk, Washington ranch!  We love to talk and share horse stories.

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