These are the mares expecting foals for us in 2016

LMSterling Shining Knight  –sire to all of the 2019 foals expected.

He is a homozygous black silver dapple stallion ++ foals will have a 50% chance of silver dapple and all will be shades of black

Several foals will possibly be for sale

Dams are below:

Mia Mar Elvira

Our first foal has arrived!  A HOMOZYGOUS BLACK, and HOMOZYGOUS SILVER DAPPLE colt

His momma is Elvira and Rufus is his daddy.  With his rare coloring and exceptional type, and temperament, we plan to keep him as a stallion.  Our goal is to promote quality silver dapple Morgan Horses and this colt will really enhance that vision.


A Whisper in the Shade

Trailhead Dani

EMR Symphony